Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Robot

This is Alex. Ever since November 15th, we have been working on nothing but the robot (except for yesterday). We have made a lot of progress so far. We now have three whole missions perfected. We can consistently do the levees mission, the house mission and the floodgate mission. We have also come much closer to being successful with the final mission, where we deliver everything to the research area. For the most part, we've given up on raising the house and setting up the directional arrows. I haven't been working on the robot myself very much, because I've been working on the skit.

We performed the skit at the Open Minds co-op Open House. We got a lot of good feedback but we were also told how we can improve it. We also got some practice with answering questions.

We tried to upload the video of our presentation to YouTube, but it was too long, so we're going to have to edit it.

Below, see a photo of us after we performed our skit at the Open Minds Co-Op Open House.