Friday, May 8, 2009

Before the competition

This is Alex. For the whole month leading up to the tournament, the robot has been highly inconsistent. On the very last week it began to work better, and we have gotten it to consistently achieve missions that earned a total of over three hundred points every time. We can raise the house almost every time, and we usually get the ice core back to base as well. The turn for the floodgate is the most inconsistent, but even that works about half the time. We were also finally able to add the drilling rig and money ball missions to the programs we already had. The only mission we cannot do is gather and deliver all of the carbon balls.

We practiced the skit a few times and have all our lines memorized again, so we're pretty confident about that. We added a few lines about the Max Water Windmill to better explain how it works. The coaches asked us questions so that we could make sure we remember everything we need to remember about the research.