Sunday, January 4, 2009

December 28

This is Alex. During the meeting of December 28, I wrote notes throughout the meeting, talking about what we did. Therefore, I am going to copy those notes directly to this blog entry.

This is the FLL meeting of December 28. We're trying to figure out what order to run the programs in order to get maximum points.

We are going to make a modification to the arm with all the axles to make it longer in order to pick up the drilling rig.

Mrs. Kwan has counted all the possible points we can get and has come up with a total of 265 points.

We are considering changing the collection mission so that it also picks up the ice core. We're also trying to decide how to run the collection mission when the arms get in the way.

We have made more changes to the motorized arm, so it now has claws on the end of it and it can detach from the robot if it gets caught on the drilling rig.

We are now changing the arm with the hooks in order to make it lighter and more likely to succeed.

We are working on adding the drilling rig to the collection program. We're getting pretty close but the programming is difficult.

In the last run the motorized arm was at the wrong height, so it couldn't grab the drilling rig.

Those are all the notes that I took during the meeting.

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