Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 24th

This is Max and I'm going to tell you about our Sunday, August 24th practice.

On Sunday we started making gear trains to power up and power down our robots. Then I started making a simple program to see if wheels were better than treads. The pictures below show the team working on the robots and gear trains.

In the process of trying to create a good gear train, Cheyne decided the design of his robot needed huge improvements, so he took it apart. He started to rebuild the robot with a better design. David worked with Cheyne.

Meanwhile, Nic and Alex were trying to build a good gear train for treads. To improve the tension on the treads, Nic added a gear, but Coach Jaworski ordered some extra parts which we'll use later when they come in. Nic and Alex discovered that the motors were not in a good position for the treads to work well. They were getting in the way of the gear train so they repositioned the motors so they were flatter and attached the new gear train to them and put treads next to the gear train.

Because of the intensive reconstruction that took place, we weren't able to test my program.

Here are the pictures of the team reconstructing the robots:

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