Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28th

This is David and I'll report on what we did today.

Thursday, August 28th we continued to work on our gear trains and robots. Cheyne and I geared down our robot and then figured out how to attach the first arm. Our arm is designed to lift the ice core and bring it back to base. We attached a touch sensor to the front of the robot so that when it's activated, the robot will lift up the arm with the ice core on it and return back to base.

Max helped us to program our robot. It's working but the robot is pulling to the right, so we're going to build an attachment to keep the robot in line.

Nic and Alex worked on their treads but eventually decided to take them apart and start over. Their robotic chassis is bad and they're having to create a new one. They're copying Alex's Sumobot chassis to see if that works. They did create a good gear train to gear up the robot.

We decided to have black, short-sleeved polo shirts for our team shirts this year. We will have our X-Bots logo and name embroidered on our shirts.

Below are pictures of our team working on the robots:

Co-Coach Marci Kwan sorts LEGOs while Nic rebuilds the robot.

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