Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 16th and 17th

This is Alex. On Friday, we had an extra meeting to work on our research board. We began by choosing the layout for the board. There were many ideas and many changes of ideas, but we ended up with the climate problems of Central Texas and Rosario, Argentina on the left side of the board. We have the current solutions on the far right side, and the team's solution in the middle part.

Alex, Cheyne, David, and Nic working on the research board.

On Thursday, we worked on our skit. The skit is going very well indeed. Almost everyone has their lines memorized, and those who don't are confident that they can get their lines memorized by Sunday. We practiced the choreography for the light saber fights, and we have them down really well.

Nic laying on the ground after being beaten in a light saber fight.

Alex and Cheyne fighting as the Gelly and Lord Flood.

Nic showing nothing but a smile, and Cheyne trying not to smile.

On the 19th, the team will go to the Maker Faire in Austin, where we will perform the skit and present our research to a group of scientists. An engineer from UT will evaluate us and give us feedback on our presentation.

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