Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 5th

Hello, this is Alex and Nic, but mostly Nic. We started today off by writing the blog for the field trip. After that we decided on our theme for the research project, extreme weather due to climate. We also assigned specific roles for the research project. We then did a practice teamwork challenge. We had to build a tower nine inches high to support a pool ball and move the ball six inches sideways.

Alex, David, and Nic, getting ready to build the tower.

We didn't finish making it in time, and then Alex's father showed us a better way to do it. The team tried to design a long platform nine inches tall and six inches long with a gear train to ferry the pool ball across the gap. We should have built a ground level gear rack with a 9" tall tower.

David, Nic, and Max looking at the tower that Mr. Jaworski built.

Oh well. We continued work on the house but eventually decided that the light sensor was a bad idea. Later people.

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