Monday, September 1, 2008

August 31st

This is Alex again. Yesterday the team had its regular meeting. David was out of town, but we still made great progress. We still don't know which robot we should use, so Cheyne worked on one, and Nic and I worked on the other. Max did the programming for us. We have arms and touch sensors on both robots, but neither one of them are very accurate yet. The one that Cheyne was working on is closer than the one I was working on. His robot has wheels, and mine has treads, so his goes rather faster than mine. It also takes less rotations. And mine has a problem with veering to the right, which means that it runs into the wall quite often. Nic and I worked on it so that it consistently makes it to the ice core.

Alex and Max aiming the robot.

The problem now is that the arm doesn't always go through the ice core to pick it up. Max and Cheyne have succeeded in getting their robot to pick it up several times. Now they have to get it back to base.

Max and Cheyne's robot grabbing the ice core.

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