Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, September 7th

This is Alex. Today we had our usual meeting. We finally know what the different missions actually are. The first thing we did was decide which robot to use. We decided on the one with four wheels instead of the one that had treads. Then we talked about what we had learned at the Kick-Off. Max and Cheyne hadn't been there, so we were able to explain everything to them. We decided that the first mission we should do is gathering the balls to deliver them to the underground reservoir. We started to work on that while Mrs. Jaworski (our coach), Mrs. Kwan (our co-coach), and Mr. Murray (our mentor) dual-locked the pieces to the mat.

David and I built a cage for the polar bear to keep it from falling over.

In the meantime, Mr. Murray went over the missions and then he taught us the importance of creating a feasibility list for the different missions. After the team discussed the feasibility of the missions, we decided that the house, the research area (the ice floe and the mat behind it), and the levees are the best missions to work on since they give us the most points.

With the feasibility list, we had to consider how well we thought we could accomplish the missions reliably and in the allotted amount of time (2 1/2 minutes) as well as what resources we had to accomplish our goals and the commitment each team member was willing to make to the plan. This is the first time our team has ever created a formal feasibility plan.

With the introduction of the regional qualifiers we have to plan differently than in past competitions. Instead of just working to do as well as possible by the competition, we now have to decide what we should do to make it through the qualifier, and then work harder to win the state competition, and then we'll do more for the international tournament. It's very different, because we have a month or so less time to prepare for the regional qualifier than we have to prepare for the state competition. I'm pretty sure we can win the state competition this year. :-)

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