Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18th

This is Cheyne. Today Max, David and I worked on pushing the levees into the red grid area. We did some trial and error with a few different programs for it, but in the end we were able to successfully deliver the levees to the red grid area. This is program #1 and it's called Levees.

Our robot delivering the levees to the red grid area.

Nic and Alex worked with Coach Jaworski on the research project. Alex called Dr. Polley and they set up a field trip date (September 26th). Alex and Nic also made up questions to ask Dr. Polley during the field trip. They also made a script to call a local farmer and Mr. Everett to find out how climate has affected Scouting in this area. We hope Mr. Everett will be our guest speaker during one of our Sunday meetings. Alex left a message for Mr. Everett to call him back.

Nic, Coach Jaworski and Alex working on the research project.

Alex on the phone with Dr. Polley.

Coach Jaworski and the research team has assigned the first research projects for each team member to research for Sunday's meeting.

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