Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4th

This is Cheyne and I'm working on the blog today.

Today Max and I have been working on perfecting the ice core mission. Max and I have gotten it, but not as accurately as we'd like, so we still have lots of work to do with that mission. We decided to move on to another mission, since we've done okay with the ice core. We tried to retrieve the buoy (the orange thing on the table) and to trigger the storm system. The biggest problem we had with triggering the storm system was that the wheel got caught and made the robot veer off course. Max and David created a simple program to trigger the storm system without attempting to retrieve the buoy (while I wrote this).

This is Max and David programming the robot.

Alex and Nic have been working on the ice core mission with the other robot. Their robot has treads and is very powerful. They have been successful a couple of times on the ice core, but their robot is still inaccurate and destructive.

This is Alex and Nic making the robot more secure.

Meanwhile our little brothers worked on their LEGO projects. See pictures below.

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